What I’ve learned from grief?

What a strange statement… 

Grief, what I’ve learned, grief

My heart aches, my body throbs, my head spins

Nothing, I’ve learned nothing

The world is screaming for help

Throats raw, fingers bloody, hair ripped out

My chest radiates with agony

The loss of mine, yours, ours

But then I hear your voice

The sun shines through the windowpane 

Glaring at me

A rainbow beyond the clouds

The numbers escalate, spiral and spin around me, us

She is lonely; he is terrified

Heartache pulsating in my veins, sorrow drowning me

I am screaming under water

But then I hear your voice

The flowers blooming on the windowsill

Clouds, white and light, in the sky

Birds fluttering by, trees pollenating

My body quakes at the thought

They’re gone forever

None of this will ever be the same

But then I hear you

In my heart, in my body, against my flesh

You are a part of me

I know you are out there

I’m not alone

You’re vibrating inside of me

Even while I 

While we 



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