Guys. I made a cake for an adorable 2 yr old. At the party I was asked for sneak peaks at my writing and if I make cakes for a living. To which I say no. The reply, oh no? You should! Wow!

I take it as a compliment but at the same time I don’t. Mostly because it’s me. I don’t know what it is about my brain that says, “oh no no please don’t acknowledge my work”. I like to pretend it is my inner anglophile ways, modesty and self-deprecating. Lucky for me though, my husband is pretty emboldening to be around. It makes the compliments easier to swallow.

Either way, as I continue to learn to put myself and my art (in whichever way it manifests itself) out there… I made a cake guys!

#cake #baking #writing #art

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